Postcard and Internet Vocabulary


Postcard Vocabulary is important to successfully navigate postcard discussions.
Here are some terms which will aid in understanding postcard references.
Many are obvious. Others are obscure.

add on - this is where a separate object has been added to a postcard.
been there - one of my favorite kinds of postcards. I like to have cards of places I have visited.
booklet - where several images are included in a fold out selection of images.
carry back - these are postcards a person has brought back home without mailing them.
clipped - obvious
comic - obvious
condition - an important consideration when adding a card to a collection.
continental - a postcard that is 4 x 6 inches
crease - obvious
cut down - to fit in some album types, postcards are reduced in size to fit. Bad move
damaged - obvious
deckled edges - uneven edges to add interest to  postcard
deltiology - the complicated name given to postcard collecting
die cut - cut to reflect the outline of some feature, not perfectly rectangular
divided back - where a line is printed on the stamp side to separate the message from the address
embossed - raised aspects of an image to add interest
folder - obvious
hand colored - obvious
hand made - obvious
hand painted - obvious
hand tinted - color added after production of a postcard
hard sleeve - a rigid holder to protect better cards from handling
hold to light - when held up to a light source, different features seem to light up
message on back - obvious
mini - a very small card, usually not collectable
mint - obvious
MOBSC - mint on the back with sharp corners. A very good condition
modern - postcards made in the USA after about 1970
not used - obvious
oil painted - where oil paint is used to show an image
oversized - obvious
photo chrome - most postcards after about 1945 to be very colorful
picture side - obvious
pin hole - where a pin has been used to mount a postcard on a wall
pioneer - the first postcards produced in about 1893
postally used - obvious
postmark - obvious
real photo - postcards taken by a photographer probably before 1910
regular size - 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches
reproduction - obvious
rounded corners - obvious
set - often postcards will be produced twelve at a time of the same subject
sleeve - a Mylar jacket which houses postcards to protect them from handling
sharp corners - when the four corners of a postcard show no wear or rounding
stained - obvious
stamp removed - obvious and not a good thing to happen
stamp side - obvious
squeaky - when a noise making device is laminated inside a postcard
textured - a finish given to the picture side of a postcard to simulate an oil painting
trimmed - any reduction of the original size of a postcard
UDB - undivided back is an early card which did not permit a message on the address side
used but no stamp - obvious
warped - when a postcard has been stored on a less than flat surface
white boarder - an era of postcard manufacture after about 1915 to 1930
wrinkled - a postcard that has seen better days but may be collectable due to rarity



Internet vocabulary is important to successfully navigate internet websites. Here with details for ebay sellers:

Vocabulary For eBay Workshop
David U. Larson -
active listing - for sale at this time.
advanced search - to see what has sold and not sold. Right of search button.
auctionbytes - water cooler website for details about what's happening.
auction item - bidding is necessary. Seller may use when value is not known.
best match - results of search based on what eBay wants you to see.
bidding - selling to highest bidder, useful when value is not known.
bidding war - when two or more bidders drive up the selling price.
box lot - sell several related items at one time to get rid of stuff.
buy it now - no need to bid. Just buy.
Cassini search - eBay broken search engine. Google search better for eBay.
completed sales - click to see items sold and not sold in advanced search.
create shortcut - right click to have icon on desktop to go to webpage fast.
customer service - none for a seller, only a buyer.
desktop - screen which first shows when computer is turned on.
duplicate listing - can not list same item twice at the same time.
eBay- greatest website for selling unusual stuff, sort-of.
ecommerce - on line sales .
empty box - customer says box was empty when delivered.
ending soonest - a sort which is great at attracting buyers but not default.
eyeballs - people who look at your items.
feedback - online reputation with eBay for buyers and sellers.
final value fee - ebay commission when item is sold of 15%.
fixed price item - no need to bid. Item is available for immediate sale.
foreign sales - OK for very small items that will fit in an envelope.
free listings - given by eBay from time to time.
free shipping - no such thing.
good till cancelled - item will be relisted automatically by eBay when listing expires.
Google search - a better way to find stuff on eBay.
icon - graphic which when clicked will take you to webpage without typing.
images - pictures.
import listings - bring items into eBay from other websites.
ISBN - identification number of book which speeds up listing of a book.
life is an average - there will be good and there will be bad.
listing - advertisement goes worldwide if seller selects worldwide shipping.
listing fee - cost to advertise varies per item from 20 cents to 5 cents to free at times.
lowest price first - search sort to show lowest price items at top of search.
minimum bid - set by seller.
My eBay - location of useful links to various seller tools.
new listing - never listed before except if it comes from Turbo Lister.
niche - area of specialized selling.
not as described NAD - buyer can claim this and get refund without returning item.
notebook - spiral notebook to record passwords, security questions, codes.
one of a kind OOAK - most items like this sell on eBay quickly if the price is right.
page views - number of times page has been shown to buyers and other sellers.
password - security code to access accounts.
PayPal - payment method acceptable to eBay.
PayPal debit card - way to pay for anything with PayPal proceeds.
PayPal fees - cost of collecting payment and sending it to you.
picture photo - to display item for sale.
photo enclosure - to minimize surrounding details and focus on item for sale.
phishing emails - dishonest people looking for your details to steal from you.
postage fee - cost to send an item to buyer with USPS.
power seller - seller who sells a large quantity of items in the span of a year.
profit - great if possible but sometimes happy to get what you can even if loss.
proxy bidding - when ebay advances a buyer bid to limit set by buyer.
research - used to determine details about item and establish a price.
relist - when an item is not sold, then it can be put up for sale again.
reserve auction - where minimum selling price is hidden. Not a good seller technique.
returns - eBay permits returns for up to 180 days through PayPal if NAD.
rolling blackouts - where all listings are not shown all the time.
scan - to capture a picture with a scanner.
seller fees - cost to sell on eBay. Usually about 33% of sold items when all do not sell.
seller's remorse - after an item sells, disappointment to have sold the item.
sell through rate - percentage of items that sell. Usually low.
sell your item page - easy to follow form to sell only a few items.
separate bank account - necessary to protect personal finances.
shill bidding - dishonest method to drive up the sale price of an item.
shipping included - an honest statement about postage amount.
short cut - click to go to a webpage quickly.
SKU - item identification number on newer items.
sold listing - useful list to process items for shipping.
store levels - Basic - Premium - Anchor.
synchronization - where items are for sale on several platforms and are in sync.
top rated seller - seller who uses tracking on all items.
tracking - method to determine where an item is located at all times.
Turbo Lister - excellent computer program to create and store listings.
unsold listing - useful to relist when listings are available.
upload listing to eBay - sending advertisement to eBay to sell an item.
user agreement - terms to use the eBay program when selling.
USPS - United States Postal Service is your friend.
visibility - ability of buyers to see listings.
YouTube - educational videos for instruction of eBay techniques.