Plus Your Hobby


A hobby can lead to  aspects not anticipated when a collection began.
To increase enjoyment of the postcard hobby, here are some suggestions to plus your hobby.

Drip paint on a blank postcard to create an art postcard.

Cut an image from black paper to create a silhouette postcard.

Write a story about a postcard in your collection.

Cut out and paste images from a magazine on a postcard.

Research about a postcard you do not know about.

Use instant family RPPC to invent a biography for the person.

Enlarge a favorite postcard then frame it.

Make a Christmas postcard of your family.

Glue an object on the front of a postcard to make an add on.

Look up a name on a postcard in the US census.

Translate a foreign message into English from a postcard.

Add color to a black and white postcard.

Make your own postcard of  collage.

Cut out postcard sized details of  food container.

Glue an image onto cardboard. Then cut it up to make a puzzle.

Examples of some of these to follow. Check back.