Display a Collection




Here with details about postcard collection display.

Postcard collecting typically amounts to finding cards, then putting them in a postcard box, rarely to be seen again. But the images on postcards can be displayed with several different methods. Here are a few.

1. The typical postcard album is OK to display postcards, but is fragile and can ruin the corners of postcards. Make sure all postcards are sleeved.

2. A picture frame just the right size can showcase a favorite postcard. The postcard can be changed from time to time.

3. There are many types of frames which allow for several postcards to be displayed at one time. Often referred to as photo frames, they work great for postcards.

4. A rotating display can be set out on a coffee table to feature favorite cards. We have one display for Christmas and one for the Eiffel Tower.

5. A favorite postcard can be enlarged in color for very little cost. Then the enlargement can be pinned to a tack board or even framed.

6. Although I have not done this yet, a favorite postcard can be reproduced on a canvas backing to make a great wall art statement.

7. Collage art is one of my hobbies. Simply take several sleeved postcards and stick them to a backing board. Double stick tape works great for this method.

8. A wall hanging can be made which will feature several of your favorite postcards.

9. A thumbnail image of a postcard can be reproduced in color on plain paper to make stationary to display your postcards.

10. Obviously the computer opens up many display methods for postcards. A flash drive flash can hold thousands of images which can be displayed on any tablet or computer.

11. A binder album can be used to display hundreds of postcards mounted on black pages. These notebooks can be based on special topics like transportation, hometown, greetings, and even the Eiffel Tower. These binders will make postcards more accessible.

12. There are clear plastic pages which will hold eight cards each. These pages are relatively inexpensive and allow for changes. All postcards will be safe in these plastic pages. But postcards should be in sleeves before adding to the binder.

13. A favorite postcard can be used as a screen saver. Capture the image and with a right click, select it as background. The next time you bring up the desktop, that image will be there as a  background.

14. There is an interesting album called a flip album. Just as the name implies, cards can be placed in the album. Then with a flip of the wrist, several can be accessed. There is a Ferris Wheel contraption, and even a Rolodex style holder will hold several postcards.

15. A jig saw puzzle can be made of a special postcard.

16. With the help of a copy shop, twelve favorite cards can be used to make a calendar, one postcard per month, as an image for a month. These can make great gifts.

17. A poster of postcards is available of all the states. You may not have all these cards but can enjoy them, none the less. Posters of postcards are common online.

18. A cork board can serve as a great display place for many postcards. Just be sure all are sleeved and the pin goes through the sleeve and not the postcard.

19. Favorite postcards can be used to make greeting cards, Christmas cards, and even note cards.

20. It is possible to share your hobby interest with others. Simply include an old postcard with all out going mail. Even the FPL payment envelope will display your hobby to someone.

Note: Displays of postcards should not use paper clips, staples, rubber bands, tape, sticky photo pages or any other method which will damage postcards.

When not displayed, cards should be stored upright and not flat. Pressure will cause image and ink transfer from one postcard to another.