Crossword Puzzle


Tropical Post Card Club

Some years ago this crossword puzzle was created. If you were a member about five years ago, you will know all the entries. When time permits, the puzzle will be updated. Good luck.  Find the answers to this puzzle HERE.

This crossword was created by David Ullian Larson with EclipseCrossword -

              1       2                     3                                  
      4     5                                   6             7                
                              8                     9                       10  
          11   12     13                                               14          
    15                         16                                                
              17                       18                     19                  
                                  21               22                            
23                   24     25                                                   26
                                                    27         28                
              30                           31     32                              
    33                   34                                           35          
  36     37     38                 39         40                       41            
                        43       44           45         46     47                  
      48                                                         49           50  
                    51       52                   53                              
            57                               58             59                    
      60                     61                                                  
                    62                                     63           64        
                    65   66             67                                        
                68                                         69                    
        72                                                     73                
74                                               75                              
                    76                 77                                        



  1. where color is added after the card has been printed
  2. town in Florida where shows and club meetings are held
  3. TPCC newsletter editor
  4. where there is a separate place on the stamp side for the address and message
  5. a card with defects that can be held in a collection until a better one comes along, if ever
  6. method of exhibiting cards in a collection by members
  7. a group of cards which make up a larger image than one card can depict
  8. when more than one image is on the picture side of a card
  9. show greeter and ticket taker at door to shows
  10. Tropical Post Card Club
  11. when the size of a card is reduced to fit an album
  12. a collection of images attached to one another in a holder
  13. produces annual club colorful postcard
  14. when several cards are issued at the same time with the same theme
  15. membership chairman for TPCC
  16. a card which has a surface texture like cloth
  17. a binder for the display of cards
  18. TPCC show chairman
  19. a card where thread has been sewn to make an image
  20. the plastic covering to protect a card
  21. when edges of a card are not straight
  22. a card where the image changes when the card is tilted from side to side
  23. a card like an add on where an object has been added to the face of the card
  24. where a card has been cut improperly
  25. method to identify a person or place that is not known
  26. month when the winter show and sale is held
  27. a card made by a photographic process
  28. dot com postcard seller online
  29. cards send at a holiday time
  30. my favorite kind of card of places I have visited
  31. a card with a stamp affixed to the picture side which is similar to the card image
  32. National Postcard Week
  33. a card measuring 4 x 6 inches
  34. dot com seller of fantistic cards online managed by the son of a clulb member
  35. undivided back acronym
  36. dot com foreign postcard seller online
  37. TPCC secretary
  38. a card with more than the necessary postage to feature the stamps
  39. where pressure has caused a build up of foreign material on the picture side of a card
  40. TPCC president
  41. damage to a card from handling
  42. where objects are larger than proportional to other aspects of the card
  43. my favorite card where the surface is raised to give depth to an image


  1. cracking of the coating on the picture side of a card
  2. an early postcard from 1893 to about 1901
  3. where person has a photograh taken in a fake prop car or airplane
  4. month when the summer show and sale is held
  5. where a white edge has no printing so as to create a frame
  6. monthly club publication about events and meetings
  7. when an aspect of a card is interesting but not the intent of a card
  8. dot com postcard seller online
  9. a card to verify a radio contact
  10. cards from countries other than the USA
  11. my dot com website where over 5000 images are stored of postcards plus other helpful collecting tips
  12. a practice where two collectors trade cards to fill collections
  13. where spots grow on a card through oxidation
  14. cards of limited production by an individual rather than a machine
  15. a collection of postcard images available to be copied
  16. when postcards were in widespread use through 1920
  17. person who brings cards to shows to sell to collectors
  18. then select properties to find URL to copy a postcard image to your printer
  19. my user name on eBay
  20. reverse of a card
  21. dot com auction of postcards online
  22. place at show where members can sell cards for a ten percent fee without paying for a table
  23. the company that made the card
  24. a Tuck designation for a printing technique
  25. cards that a collector is looking for to add to a collection
  26. an early card with these words on the stamp side
  27. a card with a felt add on with a place name written on it
  28. where a place name is spelled out
  29. when a card has been reduced in size
  30. greetings from in German
  31. showing the form of an object or person all in black
  32. real photo post card acronym
  33. mint on the back with sharp corners
  34. cards for special events
  35. postcard collecting
  36. standard postcard size 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches
  37. when corners are rounded through handling
  38. a card used for advertising and given away freely
  39. a card with an object attached to the picture side


This crossword puzzlewas created by David Ullian Larson with EclipseCrossword. Try it today—it's free!